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Decision and the Existential Turn

ISBN: 978-1-988129-03-7
AVTOR: Primož Repar

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...bout the Power of Television 5 days ago career decision making that have emerged in the career literature during the last quarter century: existential and the chaos theory of careers (CTC) ... Asset Revaluation and the Existential Politics of Climate ... ... . Similar to con-structivist/narrative career decision making (e.g., Savickas, 2012), the existential and CTC models emphasize a process of deconstructing, reconstructing, and cocon- Existential therapy focuses on free will, self-determination, and the search for meaning—often centering on you rather than on the symptom. The approach emphasizes your capacity to make rational ... The Pandemic's Existential Threat To Black-Owned Businesses Danette Wilder spent years building up her company. Now it has to s ... Existential threat: Biden takes action to address climate ... ... . The approach emphasizes your capacity to make rational ... The Pandemic's Existential Threat To Black-Owned Businesses Danette Wilder spent years building up her company. Now it has to survive a recession that could put a generation of Black ... An example of existentialism would be when a person makes a decision about their life, follows through or does not follow through on that decision and begins to create their "essence." It is said in existentialism that existence comes first and essence comes second. The idea in existentialism is that a person will create their essence over ... Appropriate scenarios must now be suitably postulated and examined. Should President Trump, operating within another bewildering chaos of his own making, issue an impaired, intemperate, irrational or even seemingly irrational nuclear command, the only way for the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the National Security Adviser and several possible others to effectively ... Justice Pazaratz Issues Another Sharp Ruling Amidst the Current COVID-19 "Existential Crisis" ... This in turn reduced his ability to pay the carrying costs of the former matrimonial home that the family once shared, and where the mother and children still lived. ... and judges were reluctant to impose any financial decision until every ... Existential questions. Although it is too early to predict its effect, the British decision now raises real existential questions for the UPC: there is speculation about whether the UPC project will continue, in a modified form, without the UK, or whether the British decision will de-rail the UPC project completely. Lead Ignoring Company Values Can Cause an Existential Crisis Boeing made a poor values decision in the way it developed the 737 MAX airplane. The company is paying a serious price during the Covid ... Amongst all the different approaches, existential therapy has particular potential to help the client consider issues around personal responsibility and decision making. This can open the door to the prospect of making very real changes with regard to how life is lived. The existential "decision" to be a sage is central to the Confucian tradition, as is the vow of a bodhisattva to Mahayana Buddhism. The entire Bhagavad Gita is the existential project of ... The main factor influencing my decision is the fact that existential therapists try to see the world as it appears to the client. If you can understand a person's problems, it's easier to help them. Another reason is that existential therapists believe that fear and sadness is a natural part of life that everybody experiences. vanquished is any basis for the freedom of the will (i.e. choice, decision, and action). If 5 Paul Roubiczek, Existentialism: For and Against. (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1964), 76.!6 of !16 The malicious effects of existential threat on motivation to protect the natural environment and the role of environmental identity as a moderator. Environ. Behav. 44 570-590. 10.1177/0013916510397759 [Google Scholar] Fritsche I., Jonas E., Kayser D. N., Koranyi N. (2010). Existential threat and compliance with pro-environmental norms. J....